Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Extinguisher Cabinets are the perfect way to store and protect fire extinguishers and other vital fire safety equipment. Our single and double fire extinguisher cabinets allow for protection or damage indoors and outdoors, ideal for wall mounting. The plastic design is weatherproof perfect for internal and external use.

Through keeping essential fire equipment stored safely prevents it from being damaged, tampered with or stolen. Our range of fire extinguisher cabinets provides the ultimate protection for your firefighting equipment.

Our range includes standard single cabinets, transport boxes, safety equipment cabinets and the new fire safety equipment box.

Perfect Way to Protect and Transport Fire Safety Equipment

Ensuring fire equipment is kept locked away safely stops it from being interfered with and damaged. At Life Safety Online, our extinguisher cabinets guarantee access to fully functioning fire equipment in the event of a fire. If you discover that a seal on a cabinet door has been broken, you will be aware that something untoward has happened and that the extinguisher may have become less effective or need replacing.

The cabinets and extinguisher boxes are highly visible making them easy to locate in the event of a fire. Ideal for use in any building from schools, construction sites or offices. The fire extinguisher covers are a more affordable safety measure that is still highly visible and just as effective as the cabinets.

We also supply a range of fire safety transport boxes and vehicle extinguisher cabinets that are specifically designed for use on vehicles giving a secure and easy access storage solution.

These cabinets are manufactured from ABS which is incredibly tough, amazingly resistant to chemicals and is very UV stable.