Fire Extinguisher Stands

What are Fire Extinguisher Stands?

Extinguishers must be either wall-mounted or placed on fire extinguisher stands like these. They make positioning and installing fire extinguishers quick and easy, with no drilling walls. Fire extinguisher stands also maximise the visibility of safety equipment. You can place your fire extinguisher in a safe and secure place that is highly visible and easy to access.

It is vital to have a nominated space to keep a fire extinguisher so if a fire ever does break out, everyone on the premises knows exactly where to look. Fire extinguisher stands help save precious time during emergencies which can ultimately help save lives.

Life Safety Online offers extinguisher stands for both single and double units. The red chrome design is highly visible in the event of a fire to improve fire safety in the workplace.

Do Fire Extinguishers Have to be Wall Mounted?

Our extensive range includes the new and brilliant Plastic Stands at competitive prices - made from tough and durable ABS. And the low-key and great-value Tubular Metal Fire Extinguisher Stands.

Free Standing Fire Extinguisher Stands

These robust and resilient floor stands to display and protect fire extinguishers where wall mounting is not possible. They don’t require fixing allowing them to be easily moved to somewhere convenient that is safe, secure and within easy reach.

In order to comply with fire regulations, the stand needs to be placed in a visible position. Both our free-standing plastic and stainless-steel fire stands allow you to place your fire safety equipment exactly where needed. Ideal for temporary construction sites or in an office environment. The portable fire trolley with wheels makes for easy and quick movement.

Our stands are utilised at locations where wall-mounting of fire extinguishers would be inadequate or where wall-mounting could produce damage. These sturdy, free-standing moulded plastic or stainless-steel stands allow you to fix your fire extinguishers where they will be most beneficial.

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