Foam Fire Extinguishers

What is a Foam Fire Extinguisher used for?

Foam Fire Extinguishers are a great choice for a huge variety of applications.  With a faster knockdown than water extinguishers, they also carry a Class B fire rating making them suitable for use on flammable liquid fires.

From the compact 2ltr Foam commonly used in vehicles to the superbly capable 9ltr Foam unit for high-risk areas, there is a wide range of sizes and options available.

Our most popular range, we have a huge selection of foam extinguishers in stock at unbeatable prices.  We deliver nationwide and offer trusted and dependable service.

How do Foam Extinguishers work?

Foam Extinguishers work by removing the heat from Class A fires, and by forming a film over the surface of flammable liquids they remove oxygen from Class B fires. 

However, foam extinguishers contain detergent so it’s important to try to prevent the foam from getting into watercourses.  

Most of our Foam Fire Extinguishers at Life Safety Online has also passed the 35kVa Dielectric Test, meaning they are safe for inadvertent use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V at a distance of 1m.

One of the most common reasons for specifying a foam extinguisher is because as well as being excellent at extinguishing Class A fires, they also carry a Class B rating, making them suitable for use on flammable liquid fires.  So if your premises carries any flammable liquids (oils, greases, solvents etc) Foam Fire Extinguishers are the perfect solution.  Don’t forget that plastics turn to liquids in a fire too, so where significant amounts of plastic are present we always recommend foam extinguishers. 

Another advantage of a foam fire extinguisher is the speed at which it knocks a fire down.  The foam additive acts as a ‘wetting agent’ and increases the surface area of the water droplets when they hit the burning material.  This makes a far more effective fire extinguisher.

One of the main reasons for specifying foam extinguishers is actually risk-based.  With the advantage of a fast knockdown, and their capability at tackling fires involving flammable liquids, foam extinguishers reduce the risk of incorrect selection of fire extinguisher.  Don’t forget, when fire strikes it’s too easy to grab the wrong extinguisher, and the effects of getting it wrong can be catastrophic.


What Colour is a Foam Fire Extinguisher?

Colour Band Type Class of fire
A & B

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