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For the home, caravan and kitchen

Perfect for peace of mind in the house, business premises, kitchen, car, caravan, boat, or almost all applications. Don't risk it - make sure your property is protected today!

In the year up to June 2020, there were 28,398 Primary Dwelling Fires in England, and sadly 231 people lost their lives as a result of a fire. Cooking appliances are by far the most common cause of fires started at home, accounting for nearly 50% of the incidents.

How to Protect Home from Fire

Don't take chances - make sure you have working smoke alarms and operational and adequate fire extinguishers to hand.  These domestic fire extinguishers are compact enough for every home, yet have tremendous firefighting capability. All models of extinguishers come with a full 5-year warranty.

Best Fire Extinguisher for Domestic Use

At Life Safety Online our wide range of domestic fire extinguishers suitable for the house can be used to tackle fires involving class A (flammable solids - wood, paper & textiles), class B (flammable liquids), class F (burning cooking oils) and fires involving live electrical equipment. Dry Powder fire extinguishers are incredibly versatile and boast enormous firefighting capabilities. All our units are ABC rated - suitable for Class A fires (wood, paper, textiles), Class B fire (flammable liquids), Class C fires (flammable gases), and are completely safe for direct use on fires involving live electrical equipment. ABC Dry Powder has an immensely powerful knockdown and makes an extremely effective fire extinguisher for home use.

Domestic Fire Extinguishers and Blankets

We also provide a range of different-sized fire blankets ideal for handling chip pan, fryer and other cooking fires.

The range includes the following fantastic products:

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