Motorhome and Caravan Fire Extinguishers

At Life Safety Online we supply a wide range of fire extinguishers that are suited for tackling motorhome and caravan fires. Generally, these types of extinguishers are smaller than standard fire extinguishers making them easy to store and transport onboard your vehicle.

Caravan and Motorhome Fire Extinguishers

Although fires in caravans and motorhomes are exceedingly rare, knowing what to do in the case of a fire is important.

The first rule of fire safety in a caravan or motorhome is to get everyone out as fast as possible if there is a fire. You should only worry about putting out the fire and salvaging your belongings once everyone has safely exited the caravan.

Small fire extinguisher for motorhome

A fire extinguisher should be considered standard caravan safety equipment, but it's critical that you have the right type and that it's installed properly in your vehicle. You should also know how to make good use of it. The fire extinguishers available include ABC dry powder, BC powder, ABF multi-foam, AFFF foam, and more. Our cost-saving safety packs are also available to buy which include multiple extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid kits.

The importance of safety in a caravan or motorhome can never be underestimated. It is vital that you are prepared to protect yourself and your family members in the event of a fire. To this end, at Life safety Online we provide a range of fire extinguishers to help should this occur.

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