Multi Purpose Fire Extinguishers

What is a Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher?

At Life Safety Online our multi purpose extinguishers are designed and rated to tackle a large variety of fires, and are suitable for a huge range of applications including offices, workplaces, shops, restaurants, hospitals and much more.

By being able to tackle almost any type of fire, these multi-purpose fire extinguishers take the risk out of incorrect extinguisher selection.

Tackle A Wide Range of Fires With Multi-Purpose Extinguishers

Our range of extinguishers have been approved for use in the event of a fire and to clear a route to safety. They are also immensely powerful, so even in untrained hands they stand a good chance of successfully tackling a fire.

We also supply a collection of other fire safety equipment such as fire safety kits, domestic fire extinguishers for the home, and fire blankets.


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