CommanderEDGE Fire Extinguishers

Why choose Commander Fire Extinguishers?

With one of the widest ranges available on the market today, the CommanderEDGE range of Premium Fire Extinguishers is firmly established as the market leader. 

Commander is an industry-leading brand that provides a wide range of high-quality and rigorously tested fire extinguishers. At Life Safety Online, we a proud to stock CommanderEDGE products as they have proved to be a highly reliable extinguisher for almost any emergency.

The range is fully Kitemarked by BSI and is the choice of the professional with its reassuring mixture of performance, quality and value.

Protect Your Premises with Commander Fire Safety Equipment

This range of superb premium fire extinguishers includes some of the highest performance fire extinguishers available.


The CommanderEDGE range is one of the UK's leading and most successful.  With years of reliable service and proven performance in the field, we are proud to be a distributor of these fantastic fire extinguishers.

Powder fire extinguishers are incredibly versatile and boast enormous fire fighting capabilities.  All our units are ABC rated - suitable for Class A fires (wood, paper, textiles), Class B fire (flammable liquids), Class C fires (flammable gases), and are completely safe for direct use on fires involving live electrical equipment.  ABC Dry Powder has an immensely powerful knockdown and makes an extremely effective fire extinguisher.

Ranging from the compact 1kg and 2kg models, often used in transport applications, up to the super-powerful 9kg unit and its 55A fire rating (the highest available), the CommanderEDGE ABC Dry Powder extinguishers are perfect for high-risk applications such as petrol forecourts, transport and vehicles, and heavy industry and manufacturing.