Construction Site Fire Alarms

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems for Construction Sites

Construction sites and building sites pose a unique problem for fire alarms - they are changing every day, and fixed fire alarm systems simply aren't practical. But sites have an extremely significant fire risk, and effective temporary fire alarms are mandatory. Life Safety Online's building site alarm systems are wireless, so they don't have to be connected to the infrastructure, making them easier to move about as the site grows.

Why Does My Construction Site Need A Fire Alarm System?

Construction sites are particularly high-risk, with multiple possible fire hazards, due to raw materials, machinery and live electrical wires located throughout the site. Moreover, without the correct temporary fire safety alarms in place, fires can quickly spread without people being made aware.

These products, from the simple yet effective Rotary alarm bell to the CommandAlert fire alarm system, are designed to cope with being moved every day and are tough enough to cope with the daily rough and tumble of building and construction sites.

Any decision made by the Responsible Person about a fire alarm for a construction site must ensure that the systems comply with fire safety standards and related codes of practice. Because not all wireless fire safety systems are the same, selecting one requires caution.

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