Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Car Fire Extinguishers

A range of fire extinguishers, cabinets and ancillary products designed for installation on and protection of vehicles, including cars, vans, taxis, trucks, coaches and buses, plant and machinery, farm vehicles, and even boats and watercraft. The most common types of car fire extinguishers carried for use in motor vehicles are Dry Powder and Foam fire extinguishers.

Vehicle fires are extremely common, and unfortunately, most vehicles are extremely flammable, as well as holding a significant quantity of highly flammable petrol, diesel and oil. In fact, nearly 300 vehicles are lost every day to fire.

What is the Best Fire Extinguisher For a Car?

Fitting a fire extinguisher in your vehicle can be the difference between a small amount of damage and a scene of total devastation. Our range of car fire extinguishers has been designed for easy and convenient mounting in vehicles. The best fire extinguisher for cars is the compact 1kg Dry Powder model. The enormously capable 9kg Powder, designed for trucks and large vehicles, including heavy plants and machinery.

Where to Put Car Fire Extinguisher?

We also stock a range of cabinets designed to protect extinguishers on trucks and larger vehicles, plants and machinery. Fully weather-sealed, they ensure your fire safety equipment will work when you need it most.

Do you carry dangerous goods on your commercial vehicles?  You may be required to fit fire extinguishers by law. Read our blog or contact us for more information.

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