Water Fire Extinguishers

What is a Water Fire Extinguisher used for?

Water fire extinguishers from Life Safety Online are a great choice for Class A fire risks.  Clean and simple, they are great value for money and offer reliable fire fighting performance.  Water extinguishers are also completely environmentally friendly and require no specialist clean up procedures, either after use or when maintaining them.

Our great range includes water with additive models, which have a faster initial knock-down of the fire than standard water fire extinguishers.  These extinguishers are often called Hydrospray, or Hydro Spray.

Class A - wood, paper, and textile - fires are the most prevalent type of fire. Making water extinguishers a must for any environment that features any fire risks.

How do Water Fire Extinguishers Work?

Water and water additive fire extinguishers operate by spraying a jet or spray of water at the fire, which removes the heat from the fire, and thus combustion cannot happen. The resulting steam also helps the extinguishing effort by removing oxygen from the fire, further assisting the extinguishing of the fire.

Amongst the most popular fire extinguishers, we hold huge stocks of these for immediate despatch. And as always, contact us if you need some help or technical information. Call us on 029 2105 0870 or email us: sales@lifesafetyonline.co.uk