Commander EDGE Fire Extinguishers

The Specialist’s Choice

With one of the widest ranges available on the market today, CommanderEDGE is firmly established as the market leader.


Time has proven these portable fire extinguishers as a dependable choice for almost any situation, and reliable performance is guaranteed. All models come with an all-inclusive 5-year guarantee.


The range is fully Kitemarked by BSI across the range, and is the choice of the professional with its reassuring mixture of performance, quality and value. The Water and Foam units have a class-leading thick polythene internal lining, and new “super-strong” base skirts ensure reliable protection. The valve assemblies are brass, with very robust handles that are almost impossible to deform.


Along with BSI Kitemarking, the range boasts MED “Ship’s Wheel” approval on a wide range of models and sizes, and the Water and Foam units have passed the 35kVa Dielectric conductivity test.


CommanderEDGE Water Extinguishers


Water extinguishers still remain a popular choice for Class A fire risks, with the low cost price and ease of maintenance, refilling and end-of-life disposal. And, with increasing emphasis on environmentally friendly extinguishers, water extinguishers are unbeatable. The new Compact34 6L Water with Additive unit has greater knockdown properties and higher performance than standard water units – it packs a class-leading 34A fire rating into a compact 6L size, making it easy to handle and operate. All these models are Kitemarked and have passed the 35kVa dielectric conductivity test.


CommanderEDGE Foam Extinguishers


Foam extinguishers are always an excellent choice for Class A and B risk areas. The high knockdown compared with water units makes them very effective on Class A fires, whilst also able to cover for Class B risks. The newly-developed EnviroFoam units are true market leaders. With an environmentally-friendly foam concentrate, they also boast extremely high performance.

All these models are Kitemarked, and the 6 and 9L units have passed the 35kVa dielectric conductivity test. The 6l and 9l units are also MED “Ship’s Wheel” approved. With a new design strong plastic base skirt and brass valve assemblies, these units are high performers in even the most harsh conditions.



CommanderEDGE CO2 Extinguishers


Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are a perfect choice for Class B flammable liquid fires, and being non-damaging to electrical equipment and machinery they are a great choice for electrical risk fires. The new aluminium units are amongst the finest CO2 extinguishers on the market. With aluminium ‘squat’ bodies they combine superior aesthetics with ease of handling. Both 5kg models have a best-in-class 89B fire rating. All models have high quality CE marked brass valve assemblies with very strong handles. All models come with a double-wall frost-free horn (2kg units) or a high quality ‘safe-hold’ hose & horn assembly (5kg units). The CO5E 5kg model has MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approval.


CommanderEDGE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers


Dry Powder is a multi-purpose extinguishing medium with excellent knock-down properties. The low minimum operating temperature makes them suitable for all-year external situations. A wide range of sizes is available, including 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 9kg. The 1 and 2kg models come with transport brackets that have a stainless steel centre strap.

The 4, 6 and 9kg units have a new ‘super-strong’ base skirt. All models are Kitemarked and have CE marked brass valve assemblies. And if that’s not enough, the entire model range has MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approval!


CommanderEDGE MultiCHEM Fire Extinguishers


Multi-class fire extinguishers are no newcomers to the market, but the MultiCHEM offers a new solution - a high-performance ABF rated extinguisher.

The 34A rating gives the industry’s highest available A rating for a 6 litre extinguisher. This means that even in the hands of an untrained and incompetent person the MultiCHEM can tackle a sizeable fire.

A 233B rating gives unsurpassed ability to tackle flammable liquid fires involving large amounts of fuel and a big surface area

And then to round it all off, the 75F rating enables this unit to be used on deep fat fryer fires

All this in one compact and easily-to-handle unit? Yes - it’s the CommanderEDGE MultiCHEM.

In line with the true CommanderEDGE heritage, the MultiCHEM is well-decorated. Kitemarked to BS EN3, MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approved, and TUV certified, it has also passed the 35kVa Dielectric Test, making it safe for inadvertent use on live electrical equipment.

No other extinguisher gives this level of safety to staff and the public.  With the MultiCHEM it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

Can you afford to take the risk?

MultiCHEM - reducing risk, fighting fires, protecting people.