Automatic 1kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

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Automatic fire extinguishers are perfect for engine rooms on boats, plant and machinery.  They are wall mounted and activate automatically when the ambient temperature reaches dangerous levels.

This compact 1kg Automatic Fire Extinguisher is designed for small spaces and will cover up to 1.7 cubic metres of enclosed volume.

Used to protect machinery/plant and where there is a risk of fire such as in boat/vehicle engine compartments. Ideal for use in sensitive locations and are a suitable option to protect high-value assets such as precious items storage, computing technology and telecommunications facilities. The unit required is determined by the gross volume of that compartment. Only one unit should be installed in any one compartment and should provide the total protection required for that compartment. The compartment should have no unnecessary ventilation that would allow needless loss of suppressant.

  • Clean Agent replaces Halon
  • No ozone depletion
  • Suitable for Class B and C fires
  • Suitable for use on live electrical equipment
  • 5 year warranty
  • Supplied with wire bracket for easy fitting
Capacity 1kg
Total Weight 2.1kg
Extinguisher Dimensions 330mm (h) x 95mm (w) including bracket
Working Temperature -20 to +60 degrees Centigrade
Discharge Time Under 10 seconds
Activation Temperature 79 degrees Centigrade
Operating Pressure 12 bar


Please note that Automatic Extinguishers are not always stocked and may be subject to slightly longer lead times - please contact our Customer Services team for more information.