Commander 9-12kg Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

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This Fire Extinguisher cabinet specifically designed to carry fire extinguishers on large and commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers, in accordance with the ADR Regulations.  The  top loading design saves space and provides quick access.
  • Nylon tension spring for fire extinguisher
  • Extra tension springs (optional) for fire extinguishers less than 200mm diameter
  • Nylon clasp handle is tamper sealable or lockable to guarantee more security against thefts and mishandling
  • Innovative reinforced and non-deformable structure to guarantee robustness
  • Polypropylene material is incredibly durable and tough
  • UV resistant
  • Internal TPE seal against water and dust ingress
  • Brackets can be mounted on any side of the cabinet
  • External Dims: 309 X 324 X 750mm
  • Internal Dims: 210 X 252 X 715mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Extinguisher Diameter: ø200

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This innovative cabinet is designed to keep fire extinguishers secure in vehicles as well as provide total weather protection when truck or trailer mounting.
Its reinforced and non-deformable structure guarantees solidity, while its internal TPE seal protects against water and dust ingress. Plus, it’s lockable (using a grey plastic key locking system) for added security against theft and mishandling.

A key part of the ADR Regulations, which govern the transportation of dangerous goods by road, is the provision of fire fighting equipment on vehicles.  One of the requirements is to protect the fire fighting equipment so that it is safe and ready for use if required, as well as ensuring quick and easy access to the extinguishers.  These vehicle extinguisher cabinets fully meet this requirements and are the perfect solution to installing fire extinguishers on vehicles.