Commander 9 litre Water Plus Fire Extinguisher

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9 litre Water Plus Fire Extinguisher - water plus additive

Often the default choice of fire extinguisher, the Commander 9 litre Water plus Additive extinguisher is a very powerful fire extinguisher for the money.  Being nothing but pure water (and a tiny amount of additive) it is completely environmentally friendly and inexpensive to produce.  The additive is a 'wetting agent' which, in short, improves the performance of the extinguisher, hence the very high 27A fire rating.  This great fire extinguisher is suitable for huge range of applications such as shops, offices, warehouses, hospitals, healthcare, hotels and much more.

  • 27A Fire Rating - the wetting agent additive gives a huge fire rating.  Very few 9ltr water fire extinguishers available can boast such a high fire rating
  • 35kVa dielectrically tested - safe for inadvertent use on fires involving live electrical equipment up to 1000V at a distance of 1m minimum
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • MED 'Ship's Wheel' approved - suitable for marine applications
  • 5 year warranty
  • Brass valve assembly - high strength and durable
  • Built to last - ideal for harsh environments
  • Easy to service
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 625(h) x 290(w) x 195(d)
  • Next working day delivery
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Water extinguishers blend powerful and reliable performance with unbeatable value for money.  Being nothing other than pure water plus a tiny amount of wetting agent additive, they are non-damaging to the environment too, and as they leave no messy residue do not require specialist clean up after use.

All our Water Fire Extinguishers have passed the 35kVa Dielectric Test, making them safe for inadvertent use on fires involving live electrical equipment.

The range consists of a lightweight yet punchy 3ltr model with a surprisingly-high 13A fire rating, to this 9ltr model with an enormous 27A fire rating. 

This 9 litre model holds 50% more extinguishant than the more common 6ltr size fire extinguishers, and this means 50% longer discharge time, giving you even greater chance of tackling the fire and ensuring safe evacuation of the premises.  The only downside to this is the resulting weight of the unit - almost 15kg, which means it is not suitable for use in premises where less able persons could be required to use the extinguisher.  The weight can also cause problems when wall mounting on a plasterboard stud partition wall, so we always recommend using an extinguisher stand.

Like all the Commander range of fire extinguishers, these units are incredibly well made.  The can is fully polythene lined and powder coated for the best corrosion resistance.  The valve assembly is solid brass for the ultimate in strength, and the handles are very strong and resist bending.  The high quality rubber hose and the tough protective base skirt complete this impressive specification.

Although water extinguishers are only Class A fire rated, Class A fire risks are by far the most common fire risks in most premises, so this extinguisher is suitable for a vast range of applications in commercial, educational and healthcare premises.  But please ensure there is no chance of a water extinguisher being used on Class B (flammable liquid) fires as this can make the fire worse with potentially catastrophic consequences.

In short, this Commander 9ltr Water Fire Extinguisher is a reliable and economical choice that boasts huge performance on Class A fires.

These Water with Additive models are often known as Hydrospray or Hydro Spray.



Capacity 9 litres
Fire Rating


Extinguishing Medium

Water + additive

Working Pressure

14 bar

Temperature Range

+5 - +60C

Cylinder Material


Pressurising Gas



625(h) x 290(w) x 195(dia) mm




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