Enhanced Domestic Heat Alarm - used by over 90% of UK Fire Brigades

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Battery powered 10-year life enhanced heat alarm - ideal for domestic and residential kitchens, garages and lofts.  This reliable and high quality alarm constantly monitors ambient temperature and will sound when the temperature exceeds 56-64 degrees C, or if the Thermistek technology predicts the temperature will rise to a dangerous level.

  • Smart RF Ready - Fit a Smart RF Radio Module (FS1521W2) to wirelessly interlink up to 50 FireAngel Smart RF products, including FireAngel Connect Gateway

  • Connects directly to the FireAngel Connect Gateway, providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities and realtime notifications to mobile devices. (Requires FS1521W2 Smart RF Module)

  • Thermistek technology as used by over 90% of the UK Fire and Rescue Services

  • Enhanced thermal sensor predicts when the temperature will rise to a dangerous level

  • Easily accessible central button - Test / Smart Silence / Locate

  • Silence function - allows the alarm to be silenced in the event of a known false alarm

  • Suitable to protect the most dangerous room within a home, a kitchen

  • Grade F1 as per BS 5839-6:2019


Where to locate

For the best protection heat alarms should always be installed as part of a complete fire protection system that also includes smoke alarms. Heat alarms are best suited to areas where dust, fumes and moisture can cause nuisance alarms in smoke alarms, such as:

  • Boiler rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
  • Lofts
  • Garages

Heat alarms should not be installed in escape routes instead of smoke alarms. They should only be used in the above applications and where possible be interlinked to smoke alarms. (Smoke alarms should be installed in circulation areas forming part of the escape routes and in every room in the house.)

When heat alarms are installed in a room, they should be placed on the ceiling, ideally in the centre of the room. They should be at a distance no greater than 5.3m from the farthest wall, no greater than 5.3m from a door to any room in which a fire might start and no greater than 5.3m from the next heat alarm.


Install sufficient alarms to compensate for closed doors and obstacles, which may interfere with the path of heat to an alarm and may prevent occupants from hearing an alarm.

IMPORTANT: These heat alarms are intended primarily for use in single occupancy private dwellings. For use in other applications the manufacturers advice should be sought.



  • Fixed point heat alarm, Class A1 with alarm point temperature 56°C - 64°C.
  • Thermistor heat sensing element for accuracy, reliability and stability.
  • Thermistek technology activates the alarm sooner if it predicts a significant rate of rise in temperature.
  • 10 year, sealed for life battery.
  • Operating red LED flashes once, approximately every 45 seconds.
  • Fault indication - amber LED flashes to indicate a low battery condition or alarm fault. See Troubleshooting.
  • Central Test/Silence ( ) button. Tests circuitry, battery and sounder.
  • Loud 85 decibel piezo sounder.
  • Automatically resets when alarm condition has passed.
  • Easy installation. Fixings supplied.
  • Silencer. In the event of a known false alarm your alarm can be temporarily silenced by briefly pressing the central test button. Your alarm will automatically return to full sensitivity within 10 minutes.
  • WHT-630 includes Wi-Safe® 2 technology, allowing you to wirelessly interlink up to 50 heat alarms, smoke alarms and accessories, which contain Wi-Safe 2 technology. These may be either battery or mains powered.

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