Mini Fire Equipment Tamper Alarm - compact and effective

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This compact Fire Equipment Tamper Alarm is designed for fitting to extinguisher cabinets and storage chests, and sounds a piercing alarm when the contacts are broken.

  • 95dB alarm

  • Case material: ABS plastic

  • Powered by 9V battery

  • Case dimensions: 87(h) x 87(w) x 43(d)mm


Whilst this alarm is incredibly versatile and can be used across a huge variety of applications, it has been designed primarily for tamper protecting fire extinguisher cabinets and fire equipment chests/boxes.  It is very easy to fit and install, and the simple operation requires almost no maintenance.

When the contacts are broken, the alarm sounds continually.  To reset the alarm, push the supplied key into the reset switch. 

To set the alarm, push the reset key into place.  Close the contacts and secure the cabinet door if applicable.  Remove the reset key and the alarm is set and ready to go!  It really is very easy!