Specialist Class D Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher - M28

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These specialist Dry Powder fire extinguishers are designed for use on Class D fires - fires involving flammable metals.

  • CE marked
  • 5 year warranty
  • Specialist applicator lance included
  • Covers all Class D fires with the exception of Lithium fires


These Class D fire extinguishers are highly effective against a wide range of fires involving flammable metals, including magnesium, sodium, aluminium, and lithium.

This extinguishers covers all Class D fires with the exception of fires involving lithium.  To cover for lithium risks you need the L2 version.

Flammable metal fires burn with searing heat, making ordinary extinguishers ineffective.  Some of these metals even react to water, making the fire worse!  These specialist extinguishers have an unique applicator lance which slows the flow of powder, depositing it gently and evenly over the fire.